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8 Reasons You Should Invest in Microchipping Your Pets

Microchipping is not mandatory. But consider that over 10 million pets go missing every year. You can increase your chances of finding a missing pet by microchipping it. Life is unpredictable, and no matter how careful you are, it only takes a moment’s distraction for your pet to wander away and be unable to find its way home.

Need some convincing? Here are eight reasons you should microchip your pet.


Permanent Identification

A microchip is a tiny device that undetectably fits under your pet’s skin, between the shoulder blades. The veterinarian places it there using a needle. It has a unique number that you can read using a scanner. This makes it virtually impossible to remove.

Collars and dog tags won’t do you any good without the microchip. They can fall off, or malicious people who want to steal your pet may remove it. The tags and collar can also get scratches that make them unreadable. Microchips cannot get scratches, and they are permanent.


Carry Information

Microchips carry your personal contact information to ensure your pet gets back to you. They also have a unique number that correlates with the manufacturer’s database. The manufacturer will have this information on their website. It consists of your name, where you live, email, and phone number.

When they scan your pet at the shelter or the veterinarian’s, they can run a search on the database. Your information shows up, and they call or email to help you reunite with your pet. However, ensure that you register and update your information whenever it changes.


Saves Lives

Microchipping can save your pet’s life. In the unfortunate event that your pet strays, it may end up in a shelter. Some of these euthanize or kill animals that no one comes to pick. But before they euthanize, they will try to find the pet owner. Remember to keep the information on the microchip current for easy tracing.


It Is Safe and Easy

The procedure of installing the microchip is safe and easy to do. It takes less than five seconds, and your pet may feel no discomfort. It is like a vaccination.

If you think your pet may react when getting the microchip, give it a treat. Veterinarians appreciate relaxed animals. It makes their work easier.


It Is Inexpensive

How much money would you place on your peace of mind? Well, microchipping is not expensive. It is affordable. If you are looking for ways to save on costs, you can wait for June. The month is Pet Microchipping Month. You could get cost-saving discounts on microchips.


It Is Minimally Invasive

The installation involves using a needle. Your pet does not need surgery or any other invasive procedure to place the device under its skin. Hence, there are no wounds that you have to nurse. Your pet can go home and continue to play and interact in its activities as usual.


It Provides Peace of Mind

You may not find your pet immediately after it disappears, but you will not have to worry as much. Studies show that chipped pets are 20 times more likely to reunite with their owners. You can also confidently travel with your pet without fear.


It Is Proof of Ownership

The unique contact information matches your details. It is solid proof that you are the pet’s owner. It is important to keep the information updated.

For more information on microchipping, visit Ramsgate Veterinary Clinic at our Waco, Texas office. Call (254) 848-4083 to schedule an appointment today.

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