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Five Benefits of Neutering Your Pet at a Young Age

According to veterinarians and animal health experts, neutering your new pet is the best way to keep them from reproducing as well as multiple other health and behavior advantages that will benefit your pet and you.

When Should You Neuter Your Pet?


The America Animal Hospital Association recommends neutering pets while they are still young. They advise you to neuter your cat by the time they are five months old. As for dogs, you should neuter them when they’re around five to six months old if they weigh less than 45 pounds as adults. Large breed dogs should be neutered at nine to 15 months old.

Benefits of Neutering


Longer Life


While pets live significantly shorter lives than humans, they can potentially live much longer, happier lives when neutered young. Without neutering, cats and dogs are predisposed to some cancers that affect their reproductive systems and shorten their life span. According to a study that included 2.2 million dogs and 460,000 cats, neutered dogs live 23 percent longer, while cats live 39 percent longer. 

Healthier Males


When you neuter your male pet, you ensure them a healthier life. Neutered dogs and cats are unlikely to develop testicular cancer, a common illness among older, unneutered pets. Surprisingly, neutered pets are also at a lower risk of pancreatic cancer.

Happier Pets


A common reason neutered males live long is that they are less inclined to roam and therefore spend more time at home. Because they stay in their own yard, they’re less likely to fight with other males or potentially putting themselves in other dangerous situations, like being hit by a car.  Testosterone is responsible for aggressive behavior and neutering stops the production of testosterone in your pet’s body.

Better Behavior


Neutered pets behave much better than their counterparts. For instance, they will spend less time spraying and marking territory in your home. They will also be less likely to mount people or things.

You Save Money


While spaying and neutering cost money, it saves you much more in the long term. Because your pet is healthier and safer, you will spend less on their health.

For more on the benefits of neutering your pet, visit Ramsgate Veterinary Clinic at our office in Waco, Texas. Call (254) 848-4083 to book an appointment today.

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