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How Wellness Pet Exams Can Help Improve Your Pet’s Quality of Life

Wellness pet exams are the best way to ensure your pet is living its best life. Regular checkups can help detect potential health problems early on, which allows you to take steps to prevent them from becoming more serious. Not only will this improve your pet’s quality of life, but it can also save you money in the long run by avoiding costly treatments for diseases that could have been prevented.

What Is a Wellness Examination


A wellness examination is an essential part of the routine healthcare of any healthy dog. It is a comprehensive medical checkup that includes physical, behavioral, and laboratory tests to ensure your pet’s overall health. Such examinations can help detect underlying health issues. It also provides early diagnosis and treatment, if necessary. Regular wellness examinations are also important for establishing baseline data. Future exams are compared to this to track changes in your dog’s health.

Why Routine Tests Matter


Regular health screens for younger pets aid us in better understanding their “normal” levels. It also helps us discover any underlying health problems. Regarding older pets, certain breed, or species-related diseases should be monitored regularly to ensure your pet’s well-being. These tests could be compared to humans undergoing testing for chronic or hereditary diseases.

Here are some tests that may be included during your pet’s wellness exams and why they are important:


Blood Work

As pets age, the risk of illness increases. To safeguard against potential health issues, we recommend wellness panels for senior pets. But a proactive approach to pet care can start even earlier. Baseline blood work can provide important clues about your pet’s health. It helps us identify anemia and other precursors to illness that may not be visible on a physical exam.

Urine Exam

Even something as simple as testing your pet’s urine sample can be a powerful tool in helping to diagnose and treat potential illnesses or conditions. By analyzing the urine sample, we can detect signs of inflammation, infection or kidney disease. Urine can help us gain an in-depth understanding of your pet’s urinary tract health and make sure they receive the best possible care.

Fecal Exam

Regular fecal checks are necessary for identifying and treating common intestinal worms, which can leach vital nutrition from your pet. Intestinal parasites can pose a serious health threat to your pet if left unchecked. Deworming treatments are an important part of preventative care, helping to keep your furry friend in top condition throughout their life.

Heartworm Test

The American Heartworm Society recommends annual heartworm testing to detect heartworms and other potentially dangerous parasites. Testing will give you peace of mind that you’re doing all you can to protect them.

At Ramsgate Veterinary Clinic, we can help ensure your pet stays happy and healthy. Call our facility today in Waco, Texas, at (254) 848-4083 to schedule your consultation.

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